My jobs on television

TV was my first big love. In it I discovered what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, and thanks to you, i’m still able to do it.

Nafta Super “Super Fuel”


Series that served as the sequel to the movie “Kryptonita” in which Luisana plays Harley Quinn.

Variaciones Walsh “Walsh variations”


Series that meant a tribute to the writer Rodolfo Walsh shown on TV Pública.

Una buena Temporada “A good Season”


Italian television series broadcasted by RAI. Luisana´s first time in a European production.

En Terapia “In treatment”


Once a week TV program by TV Pública Argentina that deals with cases of psychoanalysis.

Lobo "Wolf"


The story of the werewolf adapted for TV, shown on Channel 13 and produced by Pol-Ka.

Maltratadas "Mistreated"


Weekly series whose episodes dealt with women as victims of violence.

Alguien que me Quiera "Somebody to love me"


Argentine soap opera shown by Channel 13 during 2010.

Atraccion x4 "Drawn X4"


Soap opera with a teenage audience produced by Ideas del Sur.

El Capo "The Boss"


Shown in Telefé in Prime Time throughout 2007.

Alma Pirata "Pirate's Soul"


Soap opera for teenagers broadcasted by Telefé that rated highly and was well received by fans at the time.

Casados con Hijos "Married with Children"


One of the highest claimed television comedies in Argentina, shown in Telefe, which will come back as a theatre play in 2020.

Numeral 15


Miniseries broadcasted by Telefé.

Los secretos de Papa "Daddy's Secrets"


Soap opera for TV broadcasted by Canal 13.

Los Pensionados "Pensioners"


Soap opera for Channel 13, shown in Prime Time.

Rebelde Way


Soap opera made for teens for TV. She was also a member of the musical band originated in the TV program, called “Erreway”. The program was shown worldwide and gained fans in the tours and throughout the story.

Chiquititas "Little Girls"


Opera for Young people made for TV. It was shown until 2001.